This section features work I have been doing in my spare time, at university or as freelancer. It does not showcase any work that I have been doing for companies where all rights of the code belong only to the company.

BlindControl iOS App


BlindControl is an iOS app for controlling a synthesizer‘s sound parameters during a stage performance. It features a simple X/Y touch interface that allows the user to control up to ten sound parameters intuitively and blindly. It currently only works with the Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer.

BlindControl was originally developed within my Bachelor‘s Thesis, inspired by my own personal needs as a keyboarder in a band. It has since been published to the app store, and presented at NIME 2013 within the paper Rocking the Keys with a Multi-Touch Interface, as well as at NIME 2014 within the Keyboard Salon workshop. BlindControl is pending patent.

Guitar Synth Effect


This real-time effect makes a guitar sound like an additive synthesizer. It combines wave-shaping with the Rollers algorithm for pitch shifting via multi-band frequency shifting. The algorithm is implemented in Matlab, and was designed within a university class project. To download the project report and the Matlab source code, visit the companion website. Here are some audio examples of the filter. The third audio snippet demonstrates how combining this effect with traditional EQs, compressors and amp simulations results in a very pleasant sound.

A Modified NLM Algorithm Motivated with a Non-uniform Bayesian Prior Distribution


This is a project that Nicholas Dwork, Nikolaus West, Christian Elder, Michael Digman and me did in Spring 2013 for a class in statistical signal processing. We added a preprocessing step to the popular non-local means image denoising algorithm. The preprocessing step (prior distribution) tells the denoising algorithm where to denoise aggressively, and where to denoise conservatively. Please visit the companion website for details as well as the Matlab source code. The algorithm shows benificial results with image, MRI, and also audio data if the audio signal has relatively little high frequencies. Here are some audio examples of a flute with added Gaussian white noise:

Everything below is non-audio related. Some of it goes way back before college.


every now and then

I occasionally develop websites. While most of my web frontent work was done as an employee, I can show one of my last freelance projects. The design was done by Daniel Sluka, frontend and backend implementation by me:

Company Organization Software


I wrote a software for organizing company data for the company that I served my civil service at, Neue Wege Jugendhilfe, which runs a variety of social care programs for children. I wrote the majority of the software right before going to college to study computer science, and maintained the software throughout my Bachelor‘s program. The software would gather working hours of each employee, and distribute them to children according to financing rules set up by the municipal government. It would automatically produce time sheet and work reports for both employees, as well as the municipal oversight. Additionally, the software could organize the distribution of the company‘s shared assets, like cars, office spaces or projectors, announce news, and manage employee availability via a calendar that showed vacation days, ill days and other relevant information.

Mafia SnowMod: Game Modification for PC Game "Mafia"


The Mafia Snowmod (German: Mafia Schneemod) was the first large-scale project that I was involved in. The Snowmod was a community modification ("mod") to the game Mafia by Illusion Softworks that transformed the whole summery open-world city into a snowy winter landscape. The modification included altering about 80% of the game‘s textures, from building to car textures, changing the in-game radio music, altering the car physics, editing levels to feature snowing weather, and a dedicated launch tool to facilitate switching between the Snowmod and the original game at game start.

DC|ED: Mission Editor for PC Game "Mafia"


In a team of three people of the modding community for the game Mafia, we wrote an inofficial mission editor called DC|ED that allowed editing the in-game levels (this was in a time when developers did not openly release their developent tools for their modding community). The editor featured editing of mission scripts with full syntax highlighting and naive code completion, editing of object properties via property windows and multi-document editing.